General Education
California State University Bakersfield

My general education has been very thorough in going over a broad introduction of acedemics. Because of this broad overview I have been very intrigued by a couple areas outside of my physics major, being econmics in business, philosophy, and art.


  • Fall 2015 (Quater)

    1A - Oral Communication

    COMM 108 - Strategy for Public Communication

    Puplic speaking is useful in any discipline. The ability to present information both effectively and in an entertaining way is crucial to a good presentation that people remember.

  • High School

    1B - Written Communication

    Advanced Placement Test - ENGL 100 & ENGL 101

    Both essential writing skills and the ability to interprete literature in its historical and modern contexts were developed in these classes taken in high school. These skills have been utilized by my major in the multitude of lab reports written for different physics expirements.

  • Winter 2016 (Quater)

    1C - Critical Thinking

    SOC 120 - Critical Thinking and Social Problems

    One of the best ways I've learned both more about myself and more about the world around me is by arguments. Whether it's politics, religion, or discussion of controversial issues, a strong argument has made me reconsider my own values. Arguments of all kinds need to be analyzed, and these skills were taught in this class.

  • High School

    1D - Quantitative Reasoning

    Advanced Placement Test - Math 140

    When researching different topics, understanding how those expirements are structured and analyzed is very important to understand the results and the legitmacy of the expirement. This statistics course from high school taught very crucial analytical methods for data, which has already helped me in my physics expirements.

  • MAY 2015

    1E - Information Literacy

    Not yet fufilled.

    This class has not yet been fufilled.

  • Spring 2016 (Quarter)

    2A - Disciplinary Knowledge

    Physics 221 - Classical Physics 1

    This course is what caused me to actually change my major from computer engineering to physics. The classical physics course details simple newtonian physics.

  • MAY 2015

    2B - Interdisciplinary Knowledge

    Not yet fufilled.

    This class has not been fufilled yet.

  • Spring 2018

    3A - Self-knowledge

    Art 1019 - Art in Context

    I am looking forwards to taking this course my next semester, as I have a heavy background in photography.

  • Spring 2016

    3B - American Institutions

    Polical Science 101 - American Government & Politics

    The American government is a highly intricate system that many other countries idealize as a leader of the world. Participating in this system is a heavy task, and this class detailed many of the different functions that our government plays in our daily lives.

  • Fall 2016

    3C - Human Diversity

    History 1218 - Survey of US History to 1877

    Having a context to our modern society helps with interpreting our current state and where we are headed in the future. This course details the start of the U.S. as a country into its mid-history.